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How it works

A feedback-driven approach to co-create change

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Generate insights

Get to the bottom of things

 Invite 10, 20 or 100 people to learn what really matters. Collect experiences, learnings and observations. Filter what’s most relevant to the group, by letting participants rate each other’s inputs.

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Grow ideas

A safe space to think big

Spark meaningful conversations, provide a safe space for honest feedback and learn what resonates most with the group. 

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Experiment and learn

Learn by doing

Turn the best ideas into experiments or simply set up your own. Have participants rate the success of each experiment afterward to get reliable answers about what works.

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Share boards easily

10, 50 or 100 people – invite as many as you like by sharing a link.

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Structure inputs with tags

Set up different input categories to structure the content and steer the conversation in a meaningful direction.

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Avoid group think

Have people contribute before reading each other's inputs to make sure, the first one who speaks doesn't set the tone.

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Provide a safe space

Make it about the thought, not the person! Provide anonymity when you want to talk about something sensitive.

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Unbiased rating of inputs

Have participants rate each other's thoughts and ideas before learning the group’s rating.

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Work asynchronously

Meet people where they are and give them time to think, by running each phase over a couple of days or weeks.

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Make sense of the content

Sort inputs by date or rating and filter what's most discussed or most controversial, to make sense even of large amounts of content.

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Keep up participation by notifying people what's happening on their board.

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Rate outcomes anonymously

Understand exactly which experiments did work well and which didn’t, so you get it right next time.

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Share successes

Share positive outcomes with your peers so you can learn from each other.

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