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Nyord is your collaboration space for problem solving, idea generating and decision making.
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Tradtional approaches to change are reaching their limits. 

Organizations are shifting focus and becoming more human-centered, unlocking the full potential of their people.

Unlock your people's crowd intelligence

Employees often have a pretty good idea of what's slowing them down or standing in their way in order to do great work. Nyord lets you ask the right questions, structure the conversation and make the input manageable.

Foster a culture of continuous innovation

Run small and safe-to-try experiments around challenges in your workplace and scale the ones that work. Nyord is made for a feedback-driven approach to change by transparently visualizing what’s going on.

Get people on board to make change happen

Invite everyone that is affected to brainstorm solutions – and implementation will become so much easier. Facilitate active participation, without loosing grip of decision making.

Nyord makes it easy to facilitate participation and align on decisions – in days, not months.

How it works
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Built for change makers

Unlock the full potential of your people

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Transformative power at your fingertips

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Hack you work culture

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Change can start anywhere

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Co-creation can start anywhere

Transform your Meeting Culture Together

Get Better at Knowledge Sharing Together

Improve Employee Onboarding as a Team

Reduce Stress at Work

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Guidebook #1
How to drive effective collaboration, together.

Download this step-by-step guide with some simple, but effective tools and methods.

How to establish a great meeting culture
by picking everyone's brain


How to improve onboarding
by tapping into your people's experiences


How to get better at knowledge sharing
by crowdsourcing the best ideas

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For organizations,
made by people.

We believe that people are strongly motivated to put their skills and creativity in the service of something meaningful, even more so when they have control over how it's done.

Allow people to shape their work environment, and they will use this responsibility with care. It'll make our organizations more resilient and future-proof for anything ahead.

That’s why we developed Nyord. We want to make co-creating easier, more accessible, and also fun! 

We believe it’s not about the perfect outcome, it’s about getting started. Pick a challenge you care about. Create something amazing together. Learn and iterate. And most of all: Stay curious. 


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